What kind of school is it?

It’s a completely independent school that doesn’t belong to any movement or religion. We provide a bilingual environment (English and French) and we welcome pupils aged 4 to 16 years old.

When and where this school will open?

The school will open in September 2016 in the center of Tournefeuille (17 rue Bertrand Panouse) If you’re interested, you can meet us during information meetings or ask for an appointment.

How much is it?

It would be 432 euros each month for 4,5 days/week.

How many teachers for how many children there will be?

There will be a maximum 18 pupils for 2 teachers

Do you accept pupils with special needs?

It will be a little school so pupils with special needs can have attention. However, the team won’t be training for every special needs so contact us for more information.

What will be the opening hours?

The school will be open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8.00 am until 4.30 pm and Wednesday morning. Nectarine is a school with flexible schedule: parents can bring their children at anytime in the morning and come pick them at anytime too.

You will pay extra-fee between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm but it won’t be a “garderie”. The same adults will be there and kids can go on working on their projects. This service will be organized the first year if enough families are interested.

How children will learn French and English?

There will be 2 teachers full-time in the classroom, one English Native Speaker and one French Native Speaker. Pupils can speak both languages and some activities will be in English, others in French. Each day, we will have a meeting before the lunch, it will be both in French and English (with translations if needed). About writing and reading, pupils can choose the language they would like to learn first and quickly they can learn reading and writing in both languages.

What is your philosophy?

We would like a school which is like a family with children of different ages. In Nectarine, pupils can enjoy life and follow their own interests. We encourage autonomy and we trust pupils. We think they like learning and they don’t need frontal teaching. As a baby learns walking and talking without lessons, a child can learn many things if the environment is stimulating.

How my child could join the “traditional” system?

When your child will have to go in another school, we will work with him to help him to be at ease in his new school. Each move can be difficult for a kid even within the “traditional system”. In Nectarine, our aim is to help kids to be confident so they will be more adaptable to changes.

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