Nectarine kids workshops

What is it?

We organize workshops for kids every week with several activities. Your kids can try one activity, two or more, they can play after or before the activity. Workshops may or may not have a specific subject. Exemples of workshop themes includes construction, Monsters, Nature… Cooking, painting, DIY, play dough, trains, philosophy, music, anyything is possible. We are open to ideas, contributors and our main aim is kids enjoy the time spending in Nectarine and discover something.

For which kids?

Workshops are for kids between 1 and 14.Babies are welcome even though it isn’t specifically for them

It’s in French and it will be in English in September too. So if you don’t speak French and if your kid doesn’t speak French too, you will feel at ease.

How can we try?

You don’t have to register for a scholar year, you can come when you want, you just have to register sending an email at – 10 children can be registered for each workshop


The schedule isn’t fixed, Up to July, workshops will be held mainly on Wednesdays. Starting September 2015, they will be biweekly on Saturdays, Thursday afternoons, or Tuesday mornings. The schedule is online. (In French for the moment but feel free to ask for more information) You can arrive when you want after the indicated starting time begins, and your child can stay as they wish (until 11:30 am for morning workshops and 6:30 pm for afternoon workshops) You can leave your child if they feel at ease and if they are at least 3 years old.

How much is it?

11 euros for one children, 9 euros for 2 (siblings) 7 euros for 3. If you become a member of the Nectarine association, it will be 7 euros for one or two kids and 6 for 3.

Where is it?

We have a room dedicated for the workshops in the center of Tournefeuille 


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